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This set is perfect for when you feel like you need some spiritual protection, grounding, protection from energy vampires, purification or just wanting to add some spiritual tools to your existing collection.


Spiritual protection is great if you're new or experienced, this set comes with full descriptions for each crystal, advice on where to use them around your space.


Great for:

  • Grounding when you feel out of control
  • Protection during times of vulnerable stages
  • Protection against negative energy 
  • Feeling secure and safe
  • Boosting intuition 


This set Includes:⁣ ⁣


Crystals: Raw & Tumbled:


1 x Clear Quartz Point (tumbled)

1 x Smoky Quartz Point 

1 x Tourmaline/ 20g of tiny pieces


Clear Quartz Point


Quartz Points are excellent for absorbing negative energy, the points act as a ray of light, this beams positivity into your environment. 


Quartz enhances feelings of harmony, balance and joy within your space, clears and cleans the energy of a room and the energy of other crystals. 


This crystal also helps to remove all energy blockages and negative energy to purify the energy of the space.


Smoky Quartz


Smoky Quartz brings mental calmness and serenity, stability, practicality, pride, intuition and optimism. It is an excellent protective and grounding stone. Wearing it, keeping it nearby and/or meditating with it has a detoxifying effect, on all levels. 


It is known to lift negativity and depression, disperse fear, relieve anxiety and stress, promote emotional calmness, encourage positive thoughts that then lead to positive action, alleviate suicidal tendencies, dispel nightmares and manifest happy dreams in their place. It is also known to sharpen concentration and assist those who suffer from difficulties in communication.


This crystal clearly has something to offer nearly anyone and makes an excellent addition to any crystal collection.




Black tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones known to heal and protect you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.⁣⁣


This stone helps with grounding when the world becomes overwhelming and also creates a shield against harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) if placed near technology⁣.⁣⁣


Carry this stone with you to repel energy vampires and to stop them from sucking up all your energy and leaving you with low vibes. It’s a stone that you shouldn't leave the house without due to its properties it will protect you against anything that brings negativity or unhappiness.


Crystals for Spiritual Protection

  • Although the cleansing has been done already by us, please cleanse your crystals of any energies they may have absorbed on its journey to you! (loose Sage provided)

    Crystals work by absorbing energy, cleanse crystals regularly with sage (Spray or Stick).

    Every full moon you can also charge your crystals in the light of the moon energy 

  • This is a perfect introduction to Holistic tools.⁣

    included is a little bit of everything to get you started, making this a perfect gift for your loved ones or a self-care treat.

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