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Natural and Pure Frankincense & Myrrh ⁣ Incense Resin.

Burn time is approximately 10-20 minutes. (depending on how much you use on discs)


⁣80gram of Frankincense & Myrrh ⁣ in a Natural 100% cotton drawstring bag


Each refill bag weighs 40grams and pay extra for a pack of 10 charcoal disk ⁣

Packed in the UK sourced from Southwest Asian Frankincense & Ethiopian Myrrh 


Colours vary within batches due to natural nature

Frankincense⁣ & Myrrh Resin | Incense

Preisab 4,20£
  • Frankincense is commonly used to relieve stress and anxiety as it promotes calm and peace. ⁣⁣


    Due to its calming effect frankincense is the perfect support for inducing a meditative state and after arguments to reconnect with someone after a conflict,  use frankincense to help relieve tension and alleviate stressful situations.⁣

    Myrrh is historically used as an incense of purification and exorcism, Myrrh acts as an amplifier for blessings/rituals being performed because due to its sun connection.⁣

    It should be known that due to its divine relationship Myrrh is a good choice for amplifying wishes in a combination of sun energy.

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